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Irish Fingerpicking Guitar
Tabs + scores books (English and French) + Method of accompaniment of traditional Irish music in standard tuning (in French only)

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Irish Fingerpicking Guitar + méthode
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During one of the famous "Nuits du Folk de Grenoble" with a bouzouki made by Andy Manson
Photo by Thierry Chabanis

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Far away ©, for DADGAD guitar by Jean Banwarth

No, it isn't Leonardo Di Caprio, it's Jean Banwarth. He lives in Grenoble but he hates mountains, nature, biological food and all those things... Unlucky guy...

So he spends his time, a LOT of time (he is teacher of philosophy), playing music with his friends. Some of them like mountains, nature and animals but Jean can tolerate this because he is very very cool. Another reason is that they are very good musicians... He play Guitar and Bouzouki with the band Ceol, Djal and Dédale. You will also find links to friend's pages.

JC's abc tune finder

JC's abc tune finder

If you have the title of an irish tune (or a part of the title), you can easely find the score. Enter title and click on "Trouver".
JC's abc tune finder can give you several formats to see the score
(txt - abc - ps - eps - gif - png - mid)


More infos about abc format on my pages Infos informatique musicale and Links concerning irish music

Chris Walshaw Homepage (Chris is the man who create the abc format)


Youkou Studio Thierry Chabanis' home page. You will be able to admire superb photos and to visit a very beautiful site (French) Youkou Studio
Christian Génieux Precious information on the Irish accordion (French) Christian Génieux
Sylvain Barou 's home page will give you information about the others bands he plays in (French/English) Sylvain BAROU
MusTraDem 's Homepage. Infos about french bands (Dédale, Djal) and musicians (Norbert Pignol and Isabelle Pignol). French. MusTraDem for Traditional Irish Music CDs, festivals, musicians, summer schools, and much more...
Tony Canton : Tonynara's fiddler has now his Homepage. Tony Canton
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Banwarth on the ouaib. Irish guitar and bouzouki

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Celtic art & illumination
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