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Jean-Michel LEGUT
Jean-Michel LEGUT
Ceol , simply means "music" in Gaelic. The Band of the same name plays, as in every popular tradition, spontaneous music.

The band, formed in 1991, invites you to enjoy dancing, poetry, or a session in a pub.
Bouzouki, Guitar, Pedal board
Sylvain BAROU
Uilleann pipes, Tin whistle
Sylvain BAROU
wooden flutes, low whistles, wind synth.

E.D.M.I Production

Ceol offers you their arrangements of a wide selection of tunes, including Irish ballads, baroque influenced compositions, contemporary pieces, and jigs, reels, and hornpipes... which are the main features of Irish traditional music
Philippe SALA

Philippe SALA
4 & 5 strings banjo, Guitar, Vocals

Ceol's CD "The last order"

Order Ceol's new CD

The CD of CEOL is finally available! You can order it while clicking above on the picture. It will be necessary then for you to send us a postal mail (Jean Banwarth, 6 Rue Malakoff 38000 Grenoble) with your name, your address and 19 euros or a check to "EDMI".

Tracks list :

  • A night to Aran island / Cliffs of slieve league (reels)
  • As I roved out (song)
  • Woodcock / Harding’s / Petit nuage (jigs)
  • Sylvie (song)
  • East west banjo / Sean Smith’s / Holly bush / Virginia reel (reels)
  • Mallai Chroch Shli / Mother’s delight (slow air & slow reel)
  • The endless night / Clare’s reel (reels)
  • Johnny minor (song)
  • Vivement vendredi / I’m a poor lonesome fiddler (slow reel & reel)
  • The dark island / Jig of Slurs / Duncan Johnstone / P. M. George Allan (slow march, jig & hornpipes)
  • The ravelled hank of Yarn / Bredan Mc Glinchey’s (reels)

51 minutes of music, with many new compositions from :
  • Daniel GOURDON (A night to Aran island, Cliffs of slieve league and I’m a poor lonesome fiddler)
  • Jean BANWARTH (Petit nuage and Vivement vendredi)
  • Sylvain BAROU (Clare’s reel)
  • Philippe SALA (East west banjo and The endless night)

Audio files and scores

Download A night to Aran island/Cliffs of Slieve league "A night to Aran island/Cliffs of Slieve league" MP3 (Time : 2,05 zipped file : 351 ko)
Download Sylvie "Sylvie" MP3 (Time : 1,37 zipped file : 273 ko)
Download Duncan Johnstone "Duncan Johnstone" MP3 (Time : 1,00 zipped file : 167 ko)
Download As I roved out "As I roved out" MP3 (Time : 1,16 zipped file : 214 ko)
Download Virginia reel "Virginia reel" MP3 (Time : 0,32 zipped file : 91 ko)
Download Mallai Chroch Shli / Mother’s delight "Mallai Chroch Shli / Mother’s delight" MP3 (Time : 1,20 zipped file : 223 ko)
Download Vivement vendredi "Vivement vendredi" Abc (Tune + chords) 0,4 ko
Download Petit nuage "Petit nuage" Abc (Tune + chords) 0,3 ko

You can listen abc files with Abcmus and print them with Abc2win. If you have TablEdit, it will be possible to you to import this file, to listen to it, to print it and even to transpose it directly in tablature (with the tuning you want) TablEdit
To read MP3 files on a PC, you can download "Winamp" by clicking below. Nice and freeware ! Winamp


General purpose

A must-see site for everything concerning Irish Music : CEOLAS (English) Ceolas for Traditional Irish Music CDs, festivals, musicians, summer schools, and much more . . .
Dominique Renaudin's Home page : infos (Irish and related music sessions in French speaking countries, Ireland and worldwide). From his point, you will be able to reach the French-speaking mailing list about Irish music (French/English) D. Renaudin
More information is available on Erick Falc'her-Poyroux's page : He gives you his academic works about Irish music. Precious informations... (French/English) Erick Falc'her-Poyroux
Ancient music of Ireland. The site is especially centered on harp music, but you will find also numerous other things like midi files (French/English) Ancient music of Ireland
The Sessioneer : infos, tunes... (English) The Sessioneer
Information and links concerning Irish music. Excellent ! (English) Celtic Music On The Web


Claddagh : CDs (English) Claddagh
Coop Breizh : CDs, books, scores, tabs... (French) Coop Breizh
Dara : CDs (English) Dara
To find specific titles or references, try the index of Green Linnet albums. Possibility to listen to whole tracks in Real Audio format (English) Green Linnet
Greentrax : CDs (English) Greentrax : Scores, books, CDs, videos, Strings... Very good shop (English) Mally
For the scores and methods : E-mail Bay editions. They publish some of the hundreds... Nearly too much ! The utilized tablature system is a strangely enough that one nearly finds only at Mel Bay : the numbers are placed between the strings (English) Mel Bay
Ossian: a very important publisher in the world of Irish music. You can order there what you want, but the site is not very attractive... It is just a catalog that has the advantage to be up to date (English) Ossian
Shanachie : CDs (English) Shanachie
Waltons : Books and scores (English) Waltons

Search engines

A Search engine to find an irish tune from his title (or a part of his title). Useful ! (English) JC's ABC tune finder
A search engine to find song (English) Mudcat
Folk Music Index : many tunes by title, author, interpreter... (English) Folk Music Index


Irish Music : A specialized magazine (English) Irish Music
Trad Mag : One speaks there very often of Irish music, even though it is not the only landed topic (French) Trad Mag

Musicians Homepage

Michel Sikiotakis : a great french flute player. He play with Taxi Mauve, Mugar and Fubu (French/English) Michel Sikiotakis
Christian Génieux : A friend of mine, accordionist playing with the french band "Pure Malt" (French) Christian Génieux

French Bands

Alérions (French) Alérions
Broken String (French) Broken String
Distant Shores : Irish traditionnal music from France. Distant Shores
Dun : The top ! Dun
Eridan' : Folk band with strong irish influences. Eridan'
Garlic Bread : Irish traditionnal music(Bouzouki, flute, fiddle and vocal. Garlic Bread
Gwenwed (French) Gwenwed
Inishowen : Friends from Grenoble. Folk/Rock irish music Inishowen
Irish Coffee Trio : Fiddle, flute and guitar. No homesite for the moment, but an E-Mail. Irish Coffee Trio
Irish Tabarnak : Another band from Grenoble. Pub songs. Tabarnak
Mugar : Mixture of Irish music and Kabyle music (French) Mugar
Taxi Mauve (French) Taxi Mauve
Tonynara : Compositions with irish influences. Very "scenic" band Tonynara

Some Famous Bands

Altan Capercaillie Danu Dervish
Lunasa Shantalla Solas

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